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Based in Hollywood California, NEVERDIE Studios has Produced Award Winning Micro Budget Feature Films #1 Club Chart Hit Records and Iconic Games in partnership with the biggest Studios, Stars and IP in the world, including Universal Studios, Michael Jackson, Lemmy, King Kong and The Thing.

Some More Points

Rocktropia Virtual World produced and operated by NEVERDIE Studios celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2020 and is the only Virtual World with a real Job System that pays gamers worldwide a base salary of $10 per month to Play.

Club NEVERDIE a Top Virtual Destination for music and e-Sports featured in the The 2008 Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Valuable Virtual item will celebrate its 15th Anniversary in 2020


We've Made

ROCKtropia a Hybrid Virtual World & MMORPG provides gamers with the opportunity to earn a Minimum of $10 per month through its AI Hunting Mission and supports Dynamic Pop Up Movie event Destinations including The Thing & King Kong and Top of the Line e-Sports events including the Massive Multi-player Online World Championships (MMOWC) & Champions League. Dragon King built on the Ethereum Blockchain utilizes Multiple Utility tokens to play and rewards with an array of NEVERDIE Skill tokens.

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Dragon King
Crypto Multi-Platform

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Planet Michael

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Popcorn Time

Cult and Highbrow, Cutting edge and Colorful indie filmmaking, Film Festivals and City to City theatrical Campaigns with Worldwide distribution through Amazon Prime and other top streaming Platforms.


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