• Hunt the THING!

    Players can go on missions, win coveted virtual prizes with high cash values; buy, sell and trade virtual goods in a $100 million-plus marketplace; listen to live music; play games; and even travel through space to other MMOGs.

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  • Production

    The THING was produced in 2011 at NEVERDIE studios.

  • In-Game Screenshots

    The following are screenshots taken in-game from Hunt the THING

  • The arctic environment consists of 8 square miles of terrain.

  • Basic Training

  • Trucks & Helicopters help navigate long distances

  • Journeys through the arctic often lead to compounds and research facilities.

  • +500 people simultaneously exploring gives good reason to enter a facility weapons drawn

  • Investigations unravel the storylines

  • Battle up to 500 people simultaneously in PVP combat

  • Hunt the THING!

    MMO horror adventure