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Movies & Music

Developing and producing original Motion Pictures and Music.  Working with Studios, Producers and Icons.


Virtual Worlds

Building new worlds, creating new mythology.
Re-imagining old worlds, updating mythology.
Integrating existing brands and IP into virtual realms.


Viral Marketing

Breaking new ground, making headlines, building communities defining the future.

Award winning campaigns. 

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What others say about us

Forbes Magazine

“NEVERDIE  - Names you need to Know in 2011.”

Forbes MagazinePublished ByForbes

“NEVERDIE, a legendary adventurer, celebrity, and fabulously wealthy entrepreneur in the online world.”

ReutersPublished ByReuters
Los Angeles Times

“The Worlds First Cyber Superstar”

Los Angeles TimesPublished ByLA Times
BBC News

“NEVERDIE to Rock Pop Culture!”

BBC NewsPublished ByBBC

About Us

NEVERDIE Studios eye is on the future, having spent a decade laying the foundation for Pop culture to enter Virtual Worlds as readily as it has been able to dominate the Internet.

NEVERDIE – produces Worlds, Games, Virtual Products, Live Action Movies and Hit Records. NEVERDIE establishes lasting relationships with the most Iconic Brands and people.

NEVERDIE is on the fore-front of new technology and global culture as it continues to accelerate at a break neck pace and to guide our partners into new realms as the emerge.

  • 💡

    Created Club NEVERDIE

    Designed and operated the most profitable Virtual World Night Club online on a virtual asteroid.

  • 👍

    Established NEVERDIE Studios

    Transformed a virtual brand into a Hollywood Studio.

  • 👥

    Partnered With Major Studios & Icons

    NBC Universal, Michael Jackson, The THING, Motorhead, King Kong.

  • Convergence of Crowd Funding, Gaming & Film Production

    Gamifying Financing, production and marketing through crowd funding, social networking and Massive Multi-Player Gameplay.

Mobile Ready – Introducing Virtual Tycoon

Allowing all brands to quickly enter the Virtual Worlds Market, be relevant, manufactured and traded between users and countries for real cash supported by numerous leadiong payment systems on mobile devices